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Our culture

The QUT culture is vibrant, inspiring and challenging. It's a world where like-minds come together with a commitment to making a real difference, no matter what their area of expertise.

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A respectful world

Respect comes in many forms at QUT. The respect that is paid to each and every staff member and the work they do. Respect for students. Respect for ideas, visions and opinions. Respect for cultures, beliefs, values, gender and lifestyles. Respect between academic and professional staff. Respect for the environment.

It reflects QUT's appreciation of the contribution individuals bring to the university to make it an inspiring, world-changing place.

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A rewarding world

QUT is a rewarding world and those rewards go beyond the financial realities. To come to a world-class university every day, and know you're making a real difference, can’t be measured in dollars.

The rewards and personal fulfilment can be found in every corner of QUT and include:

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A relevant world

QUT staff make a real difference. From the academic staff who inspire incredible graduates and researchers who change the world, to the support staff who create an environment in which all of this can happen.

QUT's strong links with business and industry ensure it constantly evolves and maintains its reputation as a university that is planted firmly in the real world.

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What our staff say about QUT

The lines of communication are always open at QUT. Staff surveys regularly ask for open, honest comments about what it's like to work at QUT. Here are some of the replies.

  • "QUT is a dynamic work environment. Low on predictability, high on energy and commitment."
  • "I appreciate the cultural diversity fostered by QUT."
  • "QUT has the best library staff and facilities of the five universities I have worked in."
  • "Excellent approach to work/life balance, flexibility and employee benefits."
  • "VC Excellence Awards are a very good tool to promote and recognise the higher achievers and quiet achievers."
  • "It is great to have such a high superannuation benefit."
  • "I really enjoy working at QUT and I really like the new Urban Village."
  • "QUT is an ambitious university that does care about its staff and students."
  • "The building of Creative Industries was a fantastic piece of foresight."

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Want to see some of the real benefits QUT has on offer? Take a look at our competitive remunerationLink is an external web page, generous superannuation and more.